Terriers are among the most popular breeds.

Terriers come in a variety of sizes and styles."

Terrier dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world today. They have really adapted from being bred as hunting dogs to family pet. This was quite an easy transition as by nature they can easily adapt to different situations. That's why they are used for different purposes such as working dogs, for hunting, pets and even show dogs.

There are many different types of terrier dogs in the world today as they are quite easy to breed. In fact, there are more different types of terriers than any other type of dog breed. The most common types of terrier dogs are outlined below:

Irish Terriers

These types of terriers do great as show dogs. There is always an irish terrier at crufts and they are well liked as show dogs. Unlike other terriers, they have a rough coat and not the typical short hair that other terriers have. They are bred mainly for pets and not for hunting such as other terriers.

Boston Terriers

These have become very popular, especially in America. They have the trademark terrier short hair and are usually brown, white or black in color. They have a great stature and stance that is often refered to as "regal like". They are mild manered in nature and don't require too much training to become a beloved family pet. That is one of the reasons they have become so popular.

Yorkshire Terriers

These dogs are primarily bred as pets and show dogs. They are quite small in nature and it's colors vary. There are often refered to as "yorkies" and have a huge popularity the world over. Extremely mild manered and easy to train, they are a favorite with housewives and children.

Pitbull Terriers

This type of terrier dog is primarily known as a fighting dog. They are very muscular and powerful in nature and can have a very unpredictable temprement. They can be fierce when they have to be and certainly don't hold back. Many places worldwide even have restrictions that mean a pitbull terrier must be muzzled when taken out of the home into a public place. Some people have even chosen not to keep them as pets due to some recent attacks by them on children.