Great Danes

Great Danes are gentle giants

Great danes are often called "Gentle giants."

Yes, you may be thinking "If I had great dane dogs in my house then I'd need a really big house!" Well yes and no. Obviously they are called great danes for a reason, because they are big dogs. In fact they generally measure around thirty inches in height, that's 2 1/2 feet tall!

But they can fit into your life quite easily and can be trained so they don't become too much of a part of it. So what makes great dane dogs so popular' Well, many people feel a sense of protection having such a large dog in their house. With them usually weighing in at more than 100 pounds, they can be quite a force to overcome by any potential intruder.

They can appear to be very muscular in their appearance due to their tall, slender bodies. Once you have a great dane dog put it's paws on your shoulders and stand taller than you, then it's easy to see why people fall in love with this breed of dog.

Great Danes Are Gentle With Children

But surely such a big dog wouldn't be suitable if you had children! Well, surprisingly this isn't the case at all. For such a large, muscular and powerful dog they have a famous mild mannered nature. In fact, they are often quite clumsy dogs as they try to move their large frames around. They are really soft and gentle creatures and make excellent pets even if you do have small children around.

Of course, it will always help if you do have a large house and garden. If you have a small home and small/no garden, then maybe a great dane isn't the ideal type of dog for you. Also bear in mind that a large dog also has a large appetite and may not be the cheapest pet to take care of. Health wise, great dane dogs don't tend to suffer from any other illnesses that other dogs suffer from. They have quite a slow metabolism which is why they are maybe not as energetic as other dogs.

The main problems associated with great dane dogs really are heart conditions and surprisingly many become deaf when they get older. So with these advantages and disadvantages, hopefully this will make your choice of owning great dane dogs an easy one.