Electronic Training Collars

Our electronic training collar allows the dog to run free on several acres while remaining under control.

This beautiful mixed-breed dog has a little bit of Chow ancestry — along with a little bit of Chow attitude. An electronic training collar allows her to run free on several acres while remaining under the control of her human companions.

The waterproof dog training collar allows us to control the dog even at a distance.

Misty has the run of our yard — a park-like setting complete with pond — but the waterproof electronic training collar keeps her firmly under our control at all times.

A dog that's resistant to training can be a real handful, and unfortunately such dogs often end up at the pound when their owners realize they simply cannot control the dog. If you should end up with a dog that has a mind of its own, you might consider buying and using an electronic remote training collar.

The training collar is what helped us to finally gain the control we needed over Misty, our Chow-Retriever mix — she's extremely smart and learns fast, but she's also willful and mischievous, and she knew that her speed and agility gave her the upper hand over us slow humans.

Do Electronic Training Collars Work?

You betcha! When we first got Misty through a dog rescue group, she would chase our cats, steal their food bowls, refuse to come when called, break into the trash cans and strew trash around the yard, and generally wreak havoc whenever and wherever she could.

After I started using the electronic training collar, her behavior vastly improved on the very first day of training — proving that all along she knew exactly what she was and wasn't supposed to do, but that she knew she could get away with doing as she pleased. After all, she had a dozen acres to escape to. If you've ever tried to chase down a healthy young dog on a dozen and a half acres, you'll understand how she could "get away with it." With the remote training collar, she can no longer get away with it, and she knows it.

We bought the Innotek ADV-1000 collar — with its 1,000-yard range and 15 levels of stimulation, it gave us the reach and flexibility we needed. Initially, Misty required only a level 3 stimulation to get her attention, but she quickly became jaded to that level and we had to move up the level of stimulation, especially when she would take off after a rabbit or racoon.

Is the Training Collar Humane?

It's far more humane than having to put a dog down because it's out of control! I tried the collar stimulation on my own wrist, and at a level 3 it felt like nothing more than a 9-volt battery when you test it with your tongue — just a mild stimulation that was a little uncomfortable, nothing more. The fact that Misty quickly learned to ignore a level 3 informs me that she didn't consider it such a bad thing.

The remote device is designed so that the main key to be pressed delivers only a brief stimulation. A second key allows for more prolonged zapping, but we've never had to resort to that. Misty responds instantly to the brief burst from the main key, and most importantly, she doesn't associate the correction with any type of physical discipline from the humans. Particularly because she was neglected and abused in her first couple of years, we wanted to avoid physical corrections that would make her fear us or hate us.

The training collar gave us exactly the solution we needed to turn this beautiful, intelligent dog into a beautiful, intelligent and manageable dog that would allow us to keep her and give her the life she deserves. Misty is no longer a cat-chaser or a food-bowl thief, and she comes instantly when called. She drops anything she's told to drop. She sits and stays on command. The training collar has helped us bring out her "willing-to-please" nature and conquer the blue-tongued devil inside her.