Boxer Dogs Make Great Pets

Boxers are very intelligent, affectionate dogs

Boxes are affectionate, intelligent dogs — extraordinarily smart and very easy to train.

The great thing about dogs is that everyone has their own personal opinion of what they look for in a dog. Boxer dogs for instance to some may look ugly but others see them for what they are, a great loving pet.

What makes a good dog varies by nature but generally people look for the following aspects when choosing a dog:

  • Boxer intelligence — Boxer dogs are extraordinarily smart dogs. Obviously training plays a large part in growing their skills but generally they do have a good intelligent brain.
  • Boxer dogs are easy to train — Some dogs can be almost untrainable, even by experts. So choosing a dog that is known to be easy to train is vital in most peoples eyes. Boxers are very versatile and agile in nature and once they mature enough are very, very affectionate to their owners.
  • Boxers are easy to look after — Let's face it, looking after a dog is not always an easy task. Especially when they are young and need house training as well as obedience training. Not to mention cleaning them when they come in covered in mud! Boxer dogs have a short hair so are very easy to clean and do not shed too much hair, so they are quite easy to look after.

Boxers Aren't The Prettiest Dogs

People don't always look at how pretty or nice looking a dog is. That's a good thing when it comes to boxer dogs! They have a face that only a mother would love. Yes, harsh maybe but they are certainly not the prettiest of dogs. But when it comes to being obedient, they certainly make up for any downfalls of looks.

So if you are looking for a dog that is easy to train, very obedient and relatively easy to look after then a boxer dog is an easy choice to make.

If however, you are the type of person that wants a dog to look pretty and nice then a boxer dog may not be the ideal choice. Whatever you choose, just remember a dog is for life and you must care for it.