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  • About Dogs
    There can be few animals that engender in us such an active sense of love, trust and companionship as dogs. Known as man's best friend, they're always pleased to see us and happy just to be with us, whether it's in the car, by the fireside or simply having a stroll.
  • Boxers
    Boxes are affectionate, intelligent dogs — extraordinarily smart and very easy to train.
  • Dachshunds
    Becoming increasingly popular because of their unique physical appearance, dachshund dogs have many nicknames such as sausage dogs or hotdogs. Their role today as a family pet owes much to their initial use years ago as badger dogs, being forced to hunt and kill badgers that ruined farmlands and rivers.
  • Dalmations
    Dalmation dogs are sometimes just called the black and white spotted dog. The distinctive black and white spots of the dalmation are unique to this breed: no other purebreed dog has the distinctive Dalmation spots.
  • Great Danes
    You might think that to have great danes you would need a really big house! Well yes and no. Obviously they are called great danes for a reason, because they are big dogs. In fact they generally measure around thirty inches in height, that's 2 1/2 feet tall!
  • Hound Dogs
    A hound dog's main purpose is to help hunters track and chase their prey. They are sporting dogs but differ from other sporting dogs, such as retrievers or gundogs, in that they don't point out the whereabouts of a hunted animal or fetch the kill as retrievers do.
  • Terriers
    Terrier dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world today. They have really adapted from being bred as hunting dogs to family pet. This was quite an easy transition as by nature they can easily adapt to different situations. That's why they are used for different purposes such as working dogs, for hunting, pets and even show dogs.
  • About Invisible Fences
    With more than 15 acres in rural southwest Florida, including a spring-fed pond, we like to leave our dogs outdoors much of the time -- they have the pond to cool off in, shade to snooze in, and small critters to chase and bark at. But we didn't want to put up hundreds of yards of expensive and unsightly fencing just to keep them from roaming.
  • Caring for the Older Dog
    Dogs can live for a very long time if properly cared for. But even if he's been healthy all his life, as your dog ages, he's likely to develop health problems in his old age. Knowing what to watch out for, and when to call on your vet for assistance, will help you provide the best care possible for your beloved pet.
  • Designer Dogs
    A designer dog is a deliberate hybrid cross between two purebred dogs, with the intention of creating a new breed with certain positive traits of both parent breeds.
  • Electronic Training Collars
    A dog that's resistant to training can be a real handful, and unfortunately such dogs often end up at the pound when their owners realize they simply cannot control the dog. If you should end up with a dog that has a mind of its own, you might consider buying and using an electronic remote training collar.
  • Service Dogs
    Guide dogs play a huge role in many peoples lives. Not only are they a treasured companion, they can also be trained to carry out tasks to aid people who simply cannot perform these duties themselves.